Goodgame Poker is an interactive, online, multiplayer, poker game created by Goodgame Studios.




The first thing you will see when you log in is a list of tables, on the list you will find a number of details that will help you find the game that you want. Including the number of the table, so you can be able to play with your friends. You can also see the blinds, how many players are currently at the table, how many spectators are currently there, and how big the pot was.

If you do not like the blinds shown, you may click on the button on the bottom of the list that says "Blinds". A drop down list will appear and you can choose which blinds you can play with.

Friends OnlineEdit

During the game, you may ask other players to become your friend, if any of them are online, you can see them there. In that list you can see which one fo your friends is online, what level they are, how many chips they have, and where they are.

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